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Solutions By Skin Type

Delve Into Beauty Solutions

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  • Deep Hydration
  • Oil Control
  • Restore Your Glow
  • Extra Sensitive Skin
  • For Acne Prone
  • Forever Young

Deep Hydration

Your skin is constantly being bombarded by environmental stress. Aside from all the water you drink daily, products applied topically will give instant deep hydration that will make your skin glow.

BIOHYALUX Brightening & Boosting Serum

Product Highlights:

- Exclusive Hexagonal Hyaluronic Acid Formulation

- Hyaluronic Acid including miniHA & microHA

- Regenerative and protective functions

- Glabridin and Anastatica extract to brighten


Oil Control

A shiny face can be a common beauty dilemma. One of the best ways to keep your face oil free is a beauty regime you can maintain.

SHISEIDO Eau De Carmin De Luxe Toner

Product Highlights:

- Daily toner with zinc gluconate

- Removes sebum and excess oil

- Contains salicylic acid to remove bacteria


Restore Your Glow

An uneven complexion is usually caused by dryness and makes your skin look dull. Prevent premature aging by moisturizing regularly.

ELIXIR Whitening Clear Lotion Set

Product Highlights:

- Brightening formula

- Non-clogging and fast absorbing light lotion

- Infused with collagen BG and glycerin


Extra Sensitive Skin

If your skin is reactive to fragrance or harsh ingredients, look for options that are both calming and gentle.

CUREL Intensive Moisture Cream

Product Highlights:

- The Ceramide for healthy functioning skin

- Soothes and protects skin

- Non-sticky formation for light and airy feel


For Acne Prone

Aside from dietary triggers, acne can be caused by genetics, hormones and stress. Treat your acne with products that will clear them up in no time.

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

Product Highlights:

- Discrete pimple patches to cover any blemish

- Prevents further infections

- Speeds up healing time


Forever Young

Healthy skin care habits can prevent the signs of aging around your face. As your body and skin change with age, lifting products will help tighten and maintain a youthful look.


Product Highlights:

- Creamy foaming face wash for dirt removal

- Gently cleans without over drying

- Contains ginseng extracts to promote cell renewal