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Popular Japanese gold T-shaped massage stick

Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Facial Massager

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Brand: Beauty Bar

Brand Origin: Japan

Net Content: 80g

Made in: Japan

Electrical: Yes

Gender: Co-ed

Product Brand: Beauty Bar
Product name: BEAUTY BAR 24K Gold Ion Beauty Gold Bar Beauty Bar
Commodity material: brass, aluminum (T head is divided into 24K gold special surface treatment)
Product size: about 35mm*16mm*140mm
Product Weight: about 80g
Uses: crow's feet, eye bags, dark circles, loose skin, baby fat, Chinese character face, double chin, U-shaped face, etc.
Power Supply: A 5# Dry Battery (1.5V)
Attachment: A 5th battery, storage bag
Commodity Recommendations: It is recommended to use lotions, serums, eye creams or face creams. It is not only silky and easy to push, but high frequency vibrations are more conducive to the absorption and introduction of skin care products, which has a multiplier effect.

Product Features:
1.24K gold texture: The human body has a weak current flow. Due to stress and age, this flow begins to become unsmooth and causes problems for the skin. The 24K gold T-shaped head contacts the skin and improves the skin's conductive effect. The T-bar produces pure gold ion-activated cells, eliminates bags under the eyes and enhances facial contours.
2. High-efficiency vibration: Up to 6000 micro-vibrations per minute, promote blood circulation, quickly eliminate edema, face become smaller. Use 2-3 minutes per day. With storage bag, easy to carry, easy skin care at any time.
3.360 degree full waterproof design: 360 degree waterproof design, can also be used with ease when bathing. Skin care products can also be added to individual sites to provide targeted treatments.
4.T-shaped design, fitting the facial contours, one-handed operation, can effectively clamp the cheeks, tighten the skin, tighten the skin, tighten the face curve, make the facial contours clearer, more three-dimensional, more effective shaping Perfect face shape.

Vibrating 6,000 times per minute, can effectively release the effect of gold negative ions, T-head 24k gold plated, can remove free radicals, enhance the elastic activity of facial muscles, promote facial blood circulation and metabolism, activate the skin's own collagen production, Delayed and improved the occurrence of natural aging phenomena such as skin relaxation, wrinkles, stains, bags under the eyes and multiple jaws caused by aging, and importantly, there is also a face-lift function.

Beauty BAR 24kT gold beauty bar, I believe many girls are familiar with it, this product was back in the "Kangxi came" this file has introduced the program, once introduced the program, quickly popular in major rivers north and south, of course, the hot gold The sale is not just a Kangxi, but more importantly, it has a real beauty effect. Believe that the public love beautiful women will not blindly follow the trend, good products will naturally get everyone's approval.

It is better to use with massage cream. CPB massage cream is recommended.
First of all, for the edema-type constitution, every morning the face and eyes are swollen, and massage with this massage stick for a few minutes. This is indeed very good, and the skin is much tighter.
2. As an importer! For example, when the mask is applied, after applying the essence, toner, and lotion, and then massage with a gold bar, it will obviously feel that the absorption effect is better than before. The focus is on the use of one thing and two is also cheaper than the introduction instrument. Say it feels very convenient to put a battery and you can use it for a long time! Every day, when I apply skin care products, I scrape a few strokes. Like me, when I face the computer every night, I have to scrape them and save them. Anyway, scraping is healthier! Haha!

How to use: Specific massage techniques: Generally start from the chin to start the massage, with the essence or massage cream (the massage cream is recommended to compare the kind of moist), or dry the skin, direct lifting is not comfortable, itself This gold bar is very good in the import function. After applying essence or massage cream, the beauty bar is used for quick vibration. The skin care nutrients are quickly absorbed. It is very thorough, the skin surface feels no more remnants, and it looks moisturized. Tight and translucent.
1, found in the use of skin abnormalities, please immediately stop using.
2, please do not disassemble or transform the electric beauty stick body.
3, children. Please do not use children.
4. Please stop besides massage.
5, can not use acne, acne and then use.
6. If the battery is not used for more than 1 month, remove the dry battery.
7, the face is painted with a foundation or make-up please note that can not be directly in the facial massage.
8, after cleaning the skin can use toner or cream after the electric beauty bar.

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